Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer support team have listened to your feedback and used their knowledge to put together a list of answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Most modern amplifiers are fitted with ‘F’ Connectors these are more efficient, remove the old coax plugs and any substandard cabling and fit new ‘F’ Connectors.

Remove any Excess cable and keep any bending of the cable in a gentle curve, also remove any plates or connectors which are no longer needed.

Check the Digital UK website for any engineering works or other known interruptions, your region may currently be undergoing the 700MHz clearance for further information…

Indoor aerials need a strong signal and a nearby transmitter, check our Web guide for suitability of an indoor aerial, also position the aerial away from any obstructions or walkways.

Only connect the aerial to one output, this can then be fed into a distribution system to supply the TV Equipment

This allows more outputs to be provided, The Full on the first amplifier can be connected to the input on the subsequent Amplifier(s)

Check the cables for damage or water ingress, make sure that the aerial are firmly affixed and pointing in the correct direction check our Signal web guide, Motors, Timers and Equipment which emit interference may be a problem.

An amplifier needs a reasonable signal to function so to check the signal from the aerial connect to a TV with a good tuning menu or engineering menu which has an indication of signal level and quality and make sure that they both indicate greater than 60%