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SLx P30 Indoor TV Aerial Ultra Compact

  • Part Number: 27807R

The latest innovation from world renowned AV manufacturer SLx is this ultra compact indoor TV antenna, designed to not only look great and discreet but also receive all locally available TV signals including HD and 4K

• HDTV antenna to access high definition content over-the-air
• Sleek and modern design, ultra-compact slightly larger than a credit card
• Designed to provide maximum performance in urban areas
• Compatible with signal boosters when signal is weak
• Can be positioned flat, mounted on the supplied base or directly on the wall or window

Troubleshooting Problems with DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) It is not possible to view digital channels under weak signal strength conditions. Therefore, typically you will either receive digital channels with a clear picture and sound or you will not receive any channels at all. Sometimes, an insufficient digital signal can cause occasional blocking, freezing or complete loss of picture. Try the following to improve the picture: 1. Rotate the aerial. 2. Position the aerial at greater or lesser distance from TV until optimum signal is received. 3. Check the mains connection.

Please note: An indoor TV aerial is not suitable in some homes due to distance from TV transmitter and environmental factors such as trees and hills. This Aerial is not suitable for mounting behind a television set.

Note: With any indoor aerial it is important to place the aerial in the optimum signal pickup position this may take several attempts at moving it around the general area of the TV set placing it near a window will normally help improve things. It is important to also remember that indoor aerials are only going to work successfully if you are receiving a strong signal from the local transmitter.




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