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SLx Picture Frame Indoor TV Aerial

SLx Picture Frame Indoor TV Aerial

  • Part Number: 27773R
  • Personalise your aerial with a favourite printed photo
  • Suitable for digital/HD TV broadcasts in strong signal areas
  • Picture size 12.5cm x 9cm
  • Built in amplifier



  • Width: 6.8mm
  • Depth: 13.2mm
  • Height: 32.7mm
  • Weight: 0.57kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Pack Contents: Amplified aerial, Mains adaptor, Aerial coax lead and full instructions
  • Frequency:470-862MHz/VHF 47-230MHz
  • Rating: AC 220-240V/DC 12V 100mA
  • Gain: 25dB
  • Impedance: 75Ώ


Click here to view the instruction manual.


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